Our client service is centered on providing you with an objective and defensible work product that is based on rigorous analysis yet delivered in a cost-effective manner.  We focus on transparency, consistency and supportability.  While we take the time to work closely with you in order to understand your business our data gathering and management interviews are focused resulting in minimal disruptions to the daily work of those involved.  We ensure a thorough review process with your management, external auditors, legal counsel and other advisors, and provide assistance with potential responses to the SEC or IRS when a need for that arises.

Financial Reporting
We consider it paramount to continuously monitor the changes in the latest trends concerning industry best practices on the topics of valuation and the related guidance provided by various regulatory bodies, including Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Although the guidance is often subject to interpretation, our deep technical know-how helps us navigate through the complexities involved in valuations for financial reporting purposes. Some of the valuations we provide are as follows:

    • Purchase price allocations (ASC 805/SFAS 141R)
    • Goodwill impairment tests (ASC 350/SFAS 142)
    • Goodwill allocation to various reporting units
    • Impairment tests for long-lived assets (ASC 360/SFAS 144)
    • Valuation of employee stock options (ASC 718/SFAS 123R)
    • Fresh start accounting
    • Tangible and intangible asset valuations (e.g. trade names/trademarks, technology, patent portfolios, in-process R&D, customer relationships, non-compete agreements)

Tax Reporting & Planning
At Aimus Advisors, we assist clients with valuations and financial consulting services when a valuation analysis is required as part of an implementation of a tax strategy. In the current environment where companies must be prepared to respond to ever increasing scrutiny we are committed to preparing fully documented, supportable analyses and defending our valuation positions, as needed.

At Aimus Advisors, we provide the following services for compliance, tax strategy and operational planning purposes:

    • Corporate restructuring & reorganizations
    • Tax planning, including intellectual property transfers and C-Corp to S-Corp conversions
    • Capital adequacy and debt supportability
    • Stock option grants (IRC 409a)
    • Charitable donations
    • Gift and estate planning
    • Estimation of royalty rates
    • Discounts for lack of marketability and minority interests

Financial Consulting and Other Services
At Aimus Advisors, we advise clients throughout their life cycle be it with the evaluation of strategic alternatives, prioritization of opportunities, growth strategies or operational improvement. We are also called to assist when our clients face critical challenges as part of a litigation or arbitration matter. We appreciate the impact such turnaround decisions may have on the bottom line of a business and respond with prompt and insightful analyses.

As part of our financial consulting services, we assist our clients in the following areas:

    • Valuation of portfolio companies in large investment holding vehicles from seed investments to pre-IPO stages
    • Buy-side and sell-side advisory, formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances
    • Valuations required for buy-sell agreements
    • Evaluation and development of business models, exit strategies, feasibility studies and financial modeling
    • Valuation support in litigation, arbitration, mediation or bankruptcy cases