At Aimus Advisors, we are all about valuation and financial analysis and marrying the big picture with the numbers that support it.  We provide our clients with sound analyses that not only meet the requirements of your stakeholders and various regulatory bodies but also make sense in the larger scheme of things.  We strive for deep insight that benefits our clients and do that in a way that is rigorous yet efficient and practical.  For a diverse set of companies that come in many shapes and colors ranging from start-ups to publicly held, multinational businesses across a wide spectrum of industries – we are committed to delivering the best quality work product that helps you make better business decisions.  Rest assured, we will stand by our analyses and help you get through any review process, be it with the auditors, the SEC or the IRS.

And it helps that over the course of our careers, we have performed hundreds of valuations and financial consulting engagements.  It also helps that with professional background from the Big Four and other national valuation practices we have been actively participating in the valuation world since the early 1990s.  There is a certain level of experience that comes with such a history and we are happy to share it with you.